Saturday, September 1, 2012

Follow Your Passion

A friend of mine from college has followed his passion rather than dollars. As a result, he now gets paid to ride and jump horses that may as well be a Farrari, while also teaching others that share his love of horses how to ride and jump them. He gets to walk to work from his cabin, that's on the farm he works for, and this is one of the views on that walk. It's just a small part of his playground.

What he does would be like me having access to some of the best camera gear you could buy, and then getting paid to go shoot with it for fun -- while teaching others that love photography how to be better photographers -- all without having to leave the beautiful property I lived on.

He's got a dream job -- I'm proud of him. There's something to be said for following what you love rather than the highest paycheck you can talk out of somebody.

Edit: I took the shot above with my iPhone as I was walking around the property this afternoon. I'm up here dog sitting for him while he's out of town. It's beautiful up here. You can see more landscape photographs I got of this place with it covered in fresh snow here.

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