Friday, January 14, 2011

Hillmar Farm Snowpocalypse 2011

I drove to my buddies cabin at a place called Hillmar Farm in Gainesville, GA in anticipation of the snow the Atlanta area was forcasted to get Sunday night. I figured I would likely get some gorgeous shots considering how nice my friend told me it was up here -- and I did. Check em out -- click on each shot to see it larger if you like:

Just outside the side door of my buddy's new place.

The front yard of his new place.

The snow covered driveway that I got stuck on Monday night trying to get where I could watch the national championship game. I missed it due to the ice.

Jack's new place / cabin. I think I'm gonna be coming up her a bunch on the weekends. So nice.

The Creek.

The front porch.
View from front porch.


My buddy Jack and his daughter Skye.
Jack and Skye playin' in the snow -- my favorite shot that I've done since I got here. 



Another favorite.

Brooke's very first snow angel! She's special.

I believe I can fly. I believe I can touch the sky. I think about it every....

Love this one too. It's a candid, just as she is about to get up from doing her first snow angel.

It's a holy fence.

Another favorite. This looks like something you might see on a postcard to me.

Jack waiting on me to hurry up with taking my pretty photos. It was COLD out there.

The front gate at my buddy's new place of employment.  

Brooke and Skye

"$h*t and Snow"

A candid shot I got of Jack and Skye -- also one of my favorites of the past few days.

Skye. When told to behave herself she replied simply with "Why?"
Good answer.

Skye asking her mom to come get in the photos with her.

Skye and her mom, Sara.

Skye with mom and dad.

Jack & Landra, one of the horses he is in charge of training.

So here I am -- still -- five full days after having driven up here. At first I was not able to to leave at all, and the past couple of days I've stuck around because I've understood that the roads are still bad. It just seems smart to sit tight.  Jack doesn't have cable or Wi-Fi in his cabin yet -- and it's actually been kinda nice that way. I've spent a whole lot of time sitting in front of the fireplace watching the fire and getting work done when I wasn't out shooting. It's been a productive few days for me, I got some shots that I love, and I still haven't ran out of stuff I need to do. I only intended on being here for two nights tops -- tonight will be my fifth. That's ok though. I've been staying at a awesome cabin in a beautiful location, surrounded by snow, sitting in front of a fire, drinking beer with friends -- and I've had my computer, cameras and books to keep my mind occupied. People pay thousands for vacations like this. It's been a good week.

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Shannon said...

Gorgeous photos Keith and gorgeous location! Be careful driving in that weather!