Friday, December 31, 2010


  Today as I look back on this past year, one word comes to mind that sums it all up, this being: "Ouch!'. Looking back, the two events that stand out to me most is me breaking my ankle, and a relationship that lasted almost four years coming to an end. Two less than stellar memories -- but I guess both necessary to help me realize what I don't want in the future.

Check out the my surgeons handiwork -- a metal plate and six screws in my left ankle!

Looking back, it kinda feels like the only thing I have really accomplished this year is taking a handful of pretty pictures, most of which don't really even matter that much when it all comes down to it. Sure they matter to those that I shot them for, because they help promote their product or service, but will they really matter 60 years from now? Will anybody still be looking at them? Will anybody cherish them? I'm thinking that would be a 'no' for most of them -- but the following portrait is different. Out of the thousands of shots I did this past year -- this one is my favorite -- and it was not even for a paid job. It was one of those shots where I knew as soon as I hit the shutter button that I had something great.

This is musician Jon Justice, and his son Jonah. I spent maybe an hour or two just staring at this portrait of them after I processed it one night. It captivated me -- not because of it being some ground breaking portrait -- but because of what it will likely mean sixty or seventy years from now to the little boy in it. The thought of having created something that he will still have and likely cherish years from now when his father is gone fills me with a sense of pride; it gives me chills. Capturing portraits like this make all the bumps in the road that I've dealt with as a photographer over the years seem worth it. Capturing portraits like this gives me more of a sense of purpose in what I do than anything else that goes along with my line of work. I guess I'm just thrilled to have the opportunity and ability to make a living creating something that will still matter to people long after I'm gone. For that I'm so very grateful.

All this being said, I'm thrilled to see a very tough year for me come to an end, and I'm looking forward to all the good that may come my way in 2011. I'm feeling very optimistic about it and hope that you are too.

Happy New Year!

Edit: I should also offer a huge and sincere thank you to the crew at Atlanta Sports Medicine, my parents, Cat, and Jill for making the whole broken ankle incident much easier to deal with in one way or another. Thanks guys.


Kathy Hunt said...

You have every right to be proud of that is absolutely stunning! Now that was a nice positive way to end the year after that ankle ;-)

Keith Taylor Photography said...

Thanks Kathy.

DAR's Lappy said...

I love this photo too! All of the portraits from that day are wonderful, but this one, is perfect. could be cause I love the subjects so much too : ) Also I kick myself getting a portrait that day,next time I am in your hood I'll be giving you a call. : )

Good luck with the healing for your ankle!

Keith Taylor Photography said...

Thanks Dar! Please do give me a call when you're in town.

Anonymous said...

This represents the intersection of two genuine passions: yours for capturing the essence of a person in a photo, and Jon's for his son, Jonah. I am lucky to know all three of you and thank you for this beautiful photo.

Keith Taylor Photography said...

Well thank you "Anonymous". I think I know who you might be, but the compliment is appreciated regardless.