Monday, January 17, 2011


The other night, as I sat in front of my buddy’s fireplace staring at the fire, I thought about the fact that I have yet to slow down and write out my goals and resolutions for 2011. Lucky for me, one of my friends and a man that I very much respect, Don Giannatti, sent me a very flattering, yet concise, email in response to my recent blog post titled Hillmar Farm Snowpocalypse 2011 that summed it all up for me. His email simply said this:

       “those photos from the snow…

       …are simply beautiful
       …are wonderfully unique for that area

      …and show a man who has complete control of his creative and technical abilities.

       KICK ASS in 2011, my friend. Get after it.

       Chops are tuned up and ready.  

- don”

So sure, it’s nice to get compliments from friends and family on my work like that. Sometimes those compliments keep me going after something I love, when it doesn’t seem to love me in return. It is good to be reminded that my work has impact and stands out, otherwise I might just feel like I’m just another one of so many people out there these days trying to earn a living with a camera.

Not sure who wrote and designed this, but it fits this post to a tee; wise words to keep in mind on a day-to-day basis.
I also wish I had the design and typography skills to know how to make words look this cool.

You know though, just being able to take pretty pictures isn’t good enough these days. To survive and truly excel in the commercial photography business you need talent, a bit of luck, a serious drive to succeed, and most importantly -- sound business and marketing skills.  The latter being what I need to work on most – and that’s what I intend on working on most in the coming year. Because there is no reason I shouldn’t have to turn away work all the time -- if I can just get that very large piece of the puzzle to fall into place for me. My issue is that I’ve become too complacent with just getting by this past year. I have not been putting myself out there enough this past year. On my bathroom wall I have a list of things, thoughts, to keep in mind on a day-to-day basis. One of the items on that list reads:

“You can’t win if you don’t play -- and if you don’t play, you’ve already lost – to yourself.”

So my resolution is to play more and play harder this year. My resolution this year is to push myself as hard as I did when I was in photography school. My resolution is to regain the desire to excel, and then do just that. My resolution is to surround myself with people like Don – people that are smart, positive, and go after their dreams. My resolution is to surround myself with people that will inspire and drive me to succeed. And I want my friends and family to hold me to it. 

My resolution for 2011 is to “KICK ASS in 2011”.  I’m going to get after it, and hope to inspire others around me to do the same in the process.

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Billy Kidd said...

Great post Keith ! It's time to Kick ASS ! i'm with you.