Thursday, December 23, 2010

The 2010 Sean Costello Benefit Concert

So this past October was the third annual Sean Costello Benefit concert that helps raise money for The Sean Costello Fund For Bipolar Research. I donated a couple of framed prints that I had done of Sean in the past, to see those shots check out the post I made here right after he passed away.

Anyway, this year the day before the concert I got the idea of trying to do portraits of all the musicians and volunteers that actually make the concert happen. I called Glenn Smith (Sean's Step-Dad) and mentioned to him what I had on my mind. He seemed all for it -- and I was excited about doing it.

Let me tell ya though, I had no idea how much work I was setting myself up for. The concert this year was held at the Cotton Club, which is below The Tabernacle. Well, the Tabernacle  is not so easy to get around in backstage, especially when you are having to walk in a air cast with a broken ankle. Lots of stairs. Not a good thing when you are needing to get alot of equipment up to where you need to shoot.

Now, after spending a couple of days processing the files -- well -- I am so glad I did because I feel like I got some beautiful portraits of all those who were there contributing. I guess the portraits are my own way of contributing to the whole effort -- saying thank you to the musicians and volunteers that came and gave their time to support such a worthwhile cause, without expecting anything in return. I would hope the portraits I made of everybody that day will serve as reminder to each of the people in them that if you give a little, you will always get back in one way or another on down the road. Even if it's some portrait of yourself that some random photographer took -- a portrait that you may not even like.

So anyway, those of you in the portraits are welcome to use them as you like as long as there is no third party involved other than The Sean Costello Fund For Bipolar Research. If you wanna post it to websites, social networking sites then feel free to, all I ask is that you give me a photo credit for it, preferably in the form of a hyperlink -- as in:

If you don't wanna do that then "" will be fine.

It's important that I get credit because I'm a starving artist and need to drive as many people to my site as possible that might hire me.

Musicians, I am ok with getting high-res files to you if you would like to use them for self-promotion purposes as a independent artist/musician. This means no third party -- as in record label, or brand of any sort is allowed to use them though. You (or they) need to contact me in the event a third party might want to use them. As a independent musician though -- well please take them and use them to your advantage if you like the shot(s) I got of you. Once again, all I ask is that you make sure I receive a clear photo credit when, or if, you use it.

Big thanks to volunteer Donald Schellhaas, and my most excellent ex, Jill Von Wedel, for helping me get my gear up in and then down and out of that place. It would have been much tougher to have gotten these shots done without your help on that.

Here are the portraits in the order I took them that day:

Note: There was not a clear favorite of mine for some of you, so that's why there might be more than one I have posted of some of you.  Also, if you care to see the images larger than click on them.

Donald Shellhaas (Volunteer)

Snave Evans (Volunteer / Snave In The Grass)

Julian of the band Just a Second

Shannon of the band Just A Second

Austin of the band Just A Second

Rod Hamdallah (Coy Bowles & The Fellowship and Sonia Leigh)

Seth Walker (singer/songwriter)

Aaron Trubic (Seth Walker, Coy Bowles and the Fellowship, and John Justice) 

Chris Uhler (Burnt Bacon)

Dave Roth (Burnt Bacon)

Jon Liebman (Burnt Bacon)

April Bumpus (Backstage Beat / Press)

Laurie Ann Sanders (Volunteer)

Melissa Bauer (Voluteer)

Coy Bowles (Coy Bowles & The Fellowship & Zac Brown Band)

Jon Justice (musician) 

Jon Justice and his son. (one of my favorite shots of the day)

Kelli Stripling (Volunteer)

Allison Dellamaggiora (Volunteer and  Sean's sister)

Jordan Shalhoup (Coy Bowles & The Fellowship)

Mark Cobb (Coy Bowles & The Fellowship)

Tom Dausmer (Volunteer / Photographer)

Reid Doughten (Volunteer)

Sam Fletcher (Volunteer)

Oliver Wood (Burnt Bacon and The Wood Brothers)

Marta Slosarska (Volunteer & Sean's girlfriend when he passed away)

Sonia Leigh 

Kennan Shaw (Candye Cane) 

Bret Hartly of Sonia Leigh's band. 

Candye Kane

Debbie Smith (Queen Bee and Sean's mom)

Glenn Smith (King Bee and Sean's dad)

Paul Campanella (Seth Walker and John Justice)

Gregg Shapiro of Sonia Leigh's band.

Dave Anthony of Sonia Leigh's band. 

Kyle Smith (Volunteer and Stage Manager)

Paul Campanella & Aaron Trubic (these two completed Sean's trio on the last album he recorded)

If you wanna hear how amazing Sean was as a musician -- check out this video:

Hope eveybody likes the shot(s) I got of them. I know a few of you were less than thrilled to have your photo made, so I appreciate you being willing to let me and hope that I have not disappointed  you. 

Merry Christmas Everybody



Broderick said...

Awesome portraits Keith, Merry Christmas!

Jon Justice said...

Thank you very much. The photo of my son and is very special to me. Thanks for capturing that moment. Coming to Atlanta was like going to Graceland for many. Sean was Jonah's "Elvis". Happy Holidays Keith. Many Blessings to you and yours.