Wednesday, April 16, 2008

R.I.P. Sean Costello

Yesterday Sean Costello, a brilliant blues guitarist and singer that lived here in Atlanta passed away... one day short of his twenty-ninth birthday. Sean had a way of getting sounds out of his guitar that may have never been created WITH a guitar before. No effects pedals at all... just his guitar, his amps, and his heart.

Sean and I had worked together in the past, and became friends with each other through doing so. It was obvious how talented he was to anybody that listened to his music... but it is was not so obvious what type of person he was. The Sean I knew was always as friendly as could be.... he always seemed genuinely happy to see me, or hear from me. I was always happy to see him... he was just one of those people that I just liked being around. I suspect that he treated most everybody the same way.... which is kind of rare find in todays somewhat self-absorbed world.

So... I am sad to know that the world did not only loose an amazing talent yesterday when he passed, but an amazing personality as well.

The follow is a couple portraits I took of Sean on October 4th 2006:

To anybody that is not familar with his music.... I highly suggest checking out his latest CD titled "We Can Get Together". It really seems to capture the live sound and energy he and his band had while being a studio recording.

His website is here.

His MySpace profile is here.

You can also do a search for him on YouTube and see numerous live performances by him.

He sure was something else to see live.

Cheers to you Sean Costello, I feel honored to have known and worked with you.

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