Thursday, November 19, 2009

I Shoot Babies, Too

Just wanted to share these shots I did recently of Logan, who is the five month old son of a high school buddy of mine. Kind of hard not to look at them and not have your spirits lifted a bit -- they make your heart smile. It can be a real challenge / pain shooting kids at times, but it's all worth it when they give you just that one great but fleeting expression that you manage to catch in the camera. I was lucky enough for Logan to have given me multiple expressions like that. Check it out:

If you care to see a few more than just click here. I might be posting even more soon -- because these do not even begin to show all the good expressions I got out of him. It feels good when a shoot goes well with kids like this leaving the parents and myself happy with the outcome. You are at the kids mercy when it comes to getting good shots of them at a young age -- so cheers to Logan for giving me such a great opportunity.


Carlos said...

AWESOME! I love the pictures.
Specially the one munching on his tiny toes. cute!

Anonymous said...


Faby and I thoroughly enjoyed every single picture you took of our son Logan. You are the man! Your perspective/eye for creating environments and capturing the moment is amazing. Cannot wait to do it again when he is older.