Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Commercial Photography: At least I'm Not The Only One Stressed Out By It

"Stressful jobs that pay badly: High stress and a meager paycheck are just another day at the office. Here are 15 of the most overworked and underpaid professions out there" is the title and headline of the story that my friend and fellow photographer Carlos Garcia made me aware of earlier today on CNNMoney.com. It was no surprise to me that commercial photography came in at number eight on the list - stating that the median average photographers salary is $43,600.00 with 100% of those in the field stating that is a very stressful job. This statement is so right on the money: "The job may sound glamorous, but commercial photographers, who capture models, merchandise and landscapes for books, advertisements and catalogs, have to contend with long days, picky personalities and demanding deadlines -- sometimes withstanding precarious positions just to get that perfect shot."

So in all fairness -- being a commercial photographer can be really, really, really interesting, fun, and challenging way to make a living -- but it does come at a price. Sometimes I wonder what I have gotten myself into getting into this field -- but at the same time I can't imagine myself doing anything else. Being a commercial photographer is not just something you do -- it is something you are. It is not a career: it is a lifestyle filled with highs and lows.

Here's to more highs for everybody in the business.


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