Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Help-Portrait 2009

This past weekend myself and thousands of other photographers and volunteers all over the world joined together to give back this Christmas through the Help-Portrait project. I could write a lengthy explanation of what Help-Portrait is -- but this short video clip says it better than I ever could in a lot less time.

So as you can see, it was about everybody coming out just to give - not making it about their work or their portfolios. We came out to shoot knowing that we would never see how the shots we took would turn out or how the people in the shots might react to them (which can be the most rewarding part of doing portraits). It was all done in the interest of helping out those that may never be able to afford to have portraits done in such a way -- it was done to make those in the shots feel good about themselves. Due to privacy issues we cannot share any photos that we did of the people/families from the event. I can, however, share with you the portraits I made of the crew from the location I was at here in Atlanta on Collier Road at the Georgian Hills apartments. Somehow I was the one that got elected to be the one to do the individual shots of all the volunteers -- which is fine by me I guess. It was a fun group to work with and and photograph as you can see in the shots:

Cat Gotti (our fearless leader at the Georgian Hills location):

Ed Selby:

James Pennyman:

Aubry Canales:

Tress Ritter:

Lee Starnes:

Elizabeth Johnston:

Sandra Platten:

Andy Clement:

Can't remember her name:

Can't remember her name either:

The lovely Bron Swart:

David Martinez:

Kevin Voth:

Can't remember her name either - I think she worked for Families First though:

Lil' Kaylinn Gilstrap -- droppin' da gangsta signs! Word:

And yours truly:

For a more comprehensive collection of the shots I did click here.

Thank all of you guys for allowing me to capture a little bit of who you are in these shots -- I had never really met or talked to all but two of you prior to Saturday. And props to each of you for for coming out and putting your time and hearts towards such a good cause. Mega props to Cat and all other location leaders for enduring the extra stress that went along with running a location.

Also thank you David Martinez for doing these group shots of all those working at the Georgia Hills location and for the excellent behind-the-scenes video of the crew working (which I think has too much of me in it -- but is still nicely done):

Please remember that there are lots of ways to give -- so think of just one way (or a few ways) and go do it for no reason other than to see somebody smile or make them happy and feel important. In my experience it always feels better to give than to take when you are giving to somebody that appreciates it -- for both parties involved.

Merry Christmas Everybody.

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