Thursday, September 15, 2011


My brother called me up one day a couple of months back proclaiming that I needed to get down to do some portraits of my nephew Peyton. At that point he had a Mohawk and had just lost one of his baby teeth -- which left him looking like a miniature MMA fighter according to my brother.  My sister-in-law had already requested I do some shots of my youngest nephew, Wesley for his 1 year birthday, so last time I drove down that way I took all my gear with me and took the following portraits at their house one night:

 Click on each image to see it larger.

This was the shot I was going for. I sprayed him down with water to make his skin glisten more, giving the impression that he was fresh out of the ring.
Loved this one of him too. He just looks plain mean here.
His dad had said something to him to get this expression out of him. I don't remember what it was, but Peyton was obviously disgusted by it.
This one might be my favorite from the shoot. It's right up there with the one of Peyton snarling at least. This is Dixon, the oldest of the three. He is looking like he might come chop you into itty-bitty pieces with an ax here. Dixon is not the type that would chop anybody up with an ax though -- it's just not his style. 
Loved the raised eyebrow in this one.
This one was just eerie to me.

Took this one of Dixon before I decided to match the shots of him with what I did of Peyton style wise.  I thought this along with the following shot was too good not to show. Plus I would bet money that his mama and and grandmother (my mom) will like these these two of him the most.
This is Dixon.
Wesley, in a chair that he loves to sit in at his grandparents house.  Shot this at the request of his mother. It came out pretty good I thought.
The following three shots were some others I got of Wesley that night that I already posted here on my blog for Wesley's birthday. I was going for more of a candid snapshot type feel with them:


Jason Manos said...

Great photos, of both Peyton and Wesley. Very expressive!
I wish they were here in Toronto. I run a talent agency and they would be in great demand, for tv shows, commercials, or print ads.

Keith Taylor Photography said...

Thank you very much Jason.