Saturday, February 13, 2010

The Rubber Ducky Memoirs

So yesterday Atlanta got more snow than it had gotten in years (right at three inches here at my place). As usual things started shutting down early and grown adults started getting all giddy about it -- kinda like we all did as kids over Santa Claus coming to town. Friends of mine flooded Facebook with photos of it all. Stuff like their house covered in the snow, them in the snow themselves and tons of stuff of their kids or pets playing in the snow. A photographer buddy of mine got some beautiful stuff first thing this morning as the sun was rising -- how dedicated of him to wake up so early to capture such a thing I thought. I had actually thought about doing the same thing last night myself before going to bed -- for maybe t-minus three seconds. I then decide I would rather just stay in my warm bed under the electric blanket. So what was I to do? I had to do SOMETHING today to capture the beauty and fun of the snow we got! I have no kids or dogs to capture playing in the snow -- so I took my rubber duckies out instead. It was their first time even seeing the snow; much less actually playing in it. So without further ado I give you The Rubber Ducky Memoirs:

Mama Ducky (looking down on Junior Ducky): "Ok Junior, you've had enough time to play in the snow now. Time to go back in before we both get sick."

Junior Ducky (looking up at Mama Ducky): "BUT MAAAAAMA! We've only been out here a few minutes!!! Com'on!"

Mama Ducky (looking down on Junior Ducky): "You heard what I said Junior! You're out here barefooted too. That's all I need is you getting sick so I will have to take you to the doctors office and have to overhear everybody's ignorant debates about government run health care in the waiting room."

Junior Ducky (looking up at Mama Ducky with his cutest expression): "Buuut Mamaaaaa! I just wanna stay a little while longer. Will it be okay if I stay out if the nice photographer man is out here to watch after me?"

Junior Ducky (looking up at photographer man and his camera): "Can I PLEAAAASE stay out here with you for a little while longer Mr. Camera Man?"

Mama Ducky (respond to Junior ducky as she gazes out into the horizon): "Junior, you heard what I said! You are not staying out here -- especially with that photographer man. He obviously is not playing with a full deck since he is out here photographing rubber duckies in the snow -- right in front of his neighbors and all as if he has no sense of shame at all."

Junior Ducky (following and pleading with his mother as she walks away): "But Mamaaaa! Just a little while longer!"

Mama Ducky (in a stern voice while walking away): "Junior! We are going back inside and that's final! You are going to go back in the bathroom where you belong next to the cologne and hush your mouth! Do you understand me young man? Maybe if you would learn to eat your veggies like a big boy I would treat you more like a big boy -- do you understand me?"

Junior Ducky (in pleading voice): "But Maaaaama!!!!"

Mama Ducky: "HUSH IT!!!!"

The End


mattxmiller said...

this rules!

Keith Taylor Photography said...

Thanks Matt -- just having a good time with things.

Scott Flowers said...

LMFAO! That's awesome Keith! Very good job man.

Christin said...

That's awesome, Keith! Very funny and creative. I don't have kiddos either yet, so I'm always looking for things to take photos of. There are only so many trees and flowers to photograph... ;)

Keith Taylor Photography said...

Thanks Christin -- thanks for taking the time to check out my blog post and for the compliment. Send it on to others you might think would get a laugh out of it.


HeatherB88 said...

Hey Keith! I really love these. Sort of surreal-looking. I would love a print of one of these... ha, maybe for my bathroom?

Very nice.

Keith Taylor Photography said...

Thanks Heather, I actually have three rubber ducky shots in my bathroom now -- ones that I took back when I was in school. Just let me know which shots and what sizes you want and I'd be happy to have some made for you. Need to know the size of them before I could give a price. Thanks for checking out my blog and commenting though -- I appreciate the compliment.