Sunday, September 9, 2007


These are some portraits I did yesterday morning of my buddy Jack’s little girl, Skye, while baby-sitting with my girlfriend, Jill. I picked up my buddy's Nikon F5 that looked to be serving as a paperweight on his kitchen table. As I was telling Jill what a waste it was for such a camera to be used as a paperweight… I looked thru it and pointed it at Skye and watched her face light up. I was sold at that point and found it pretty much impossible to not go ahead and get out my own camera, a strobe, and a soft-box and go to work. By the time I was all finished I had gotten 75 or so great images of her… and she seemed to have a blast with it. It seems to me that a single soft light source, tight crops on the kid's face, and sepia tone finish is a formula for success to creating photos that parents will love of their kids. Easy, easy, easy… for any parents out there that may want to try it themselves.

As far as the whole baby-sitting experience in general… well I am glad Jill was there to begin with. For a single male with no kids, I consider myself to be pretty good with them. But that did not stop Skye from wanting to reach for Jill whenever she was within arm's reach though… and getting fussy once out of her line of sight. That girl just seems to have a way with kids. So anyway, Jill had to leave early for an interview leaving me with this 15-month-old little girl to take care of myself… as well as the one poo filled diaper of the whole morning. I ended up doing fine with it and through it all I realized:

1. How attractive girls can be that are good with kids.

2. Changing a stinky diaper is far easier than getting a child car seat secured in a car the correct way. What a pain that was.

Hugs And Kisses Y’all, Hugs And Kisses


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Anonymous said...

Keith you have an ability to reach out and grab my heart.Look at those beautiful eyes. I love color pictures, but these Blk & wht studio prints bring out her features. What a beautiful chid, and what gorgeous photos. The lighting is wonderful. These are just magical....

Ginger Sweeny (grandma)