Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Super Zadie

Ok, so for those you who know me... I have created this blog in an effort to keep those that care to see what I am doing photography-wise up to date on my newest work. I will post not just work that I have been paid to do, but work that I just do for the fun of doing it. Some of it may not not be worthy of my portfolio or website, but is worth sharing on here in my opinion. Which brings me to my first posted photo... Super Zadie! Zadie belongs to one of the writers that works at the agency I am at... she is very much loved by many that work here including me. Had a bit of down time right at lunch today so I did this shot of her. Chelsea, Zadie's mamma, seemed quite thrilled with the final shot when I showed it to her. It's always great to see how somebody responds to a portrait you have done of somebody they really love.

This blog will also be an effort to motivate myself into shooting new stuff on a regular basis, even when things are slow business-wise. An effort to try and keep the creative side of my brain going good would be a good way to put it I guess. So..... please visit it often and feel free to comment on what I post. Constructive criticism is always welcome too, telling me that I just suck however, is not.


1 comment:

Chelsea said...

I am every bit as thrilled with this portrait today as I was the first time I saw it! (And Zadie says hi.)