Thursday, July 19, 2012


I recently was shooting for musician and luthier, Mike Snowden, for his soon to be released latest album. While he was changing shirts during the shoot I ask his daughter if she wanted me to get some shots of her. She seemed to be all for it and it's a good thing because this is one of those shots -- and it turned out to be one of my favorites I shot that day. This is Madison. She looks very serious, and almost sad in this shot, but she was actually a really good natured kid. I got some great ones of her with her smiling as well, which represent her more as a kid I think, but this one had more impact from a strictly photography standpoint. I love it.  I ask her to look right into my lens with no smile and this is what she gave me. It was one of those shots that I knew as soon as I hit the shutter button that I had everything I wanted and then some. It's like she is staring through my camera lens and looking into the viewers soul.

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At Mike's request I'm holding off on posting any shots of him I got until the album is released, but I do plan on doing a post that will include those once that time has gotten here. 

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