Saturday, March 24, 2012


This is Donald. He loved photography, music, and women – so naturally – we got along beautifully. Today he is being laid to rest in his hometown of New Orleans after his unexpected passing this past Friday. I did this portrait of him at an event he was volunteering at a couple of years back. My ankle was broken at the time, so he was the one that helped me get my gear up all the stairs and backstage at The Tabernacle. He made this portrait I did of him possible by being willing to help me, while also helping others. It was the first portrait I shot that day, and one of my favorites of the bunch. HE was one of my favorites of the bunch. You can see how cool he looked in this photo – well -- his personality matched his looks – and then some. Donald, thank you for being the type person that always made me happy to see you.

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