Wednesday, January 26, 2011


Here are a few of my favorite shots I got of my friend, Brooke, while doing a headshot sitting with her this past weekend -- it was a good time. Lots of fun candid stuff -- and more than enough to choose from for the modeling comp card that they were being shot for. Check em' out:

My absolute favorite from the shoot.

One of the fun candid shots I got of her goofing off with me. My lighting is off here (notice the shadow around here right eye) but the expression is too good not to show. It's nice working with people like Brooke that don't take themselves too seriously and will just cut loose and have fun being photographed. It makes my job easier.

Yes, her eyes are really nice; that is what I was trying to emphasize the most with the shots I got of her.

For those of you interested in how I lit these shots -- I had a Vivitar 283 boomed out over her head with a CTO on it to light the white wall behind her. It's also what is creating the highlight on her hair at the top of her head. That was deliberate on my part. It's also what created the ugly shadow in her right eye in the candid shot I posted. That was not deliberate. Her head being tilted back a bit caught that light strong light source above her, causing the shadow. The sun will do the same thing when you try to photograph people outside in the midday sun -- when it is high in the sky. That's why you will see deep shadows where their eye sockets are if you don't use strobe/flash to eliminate the ugly shadows cast by the sun.The CTO was to balance to color temp of the strobe to the color temp of the ringlight I used to light her -- which was a incandescent/tungsten light source. I built the ring light myself with some plywood, electrical wire, a switch, some light sockets/fixtures and nine 60W tungsten light bulbs. Look closely and you can see the bulbs reflected in her eyes as catch lights -- they form a circle. The whole rig puts out pretty nice light -- as you can see.

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