Tuesday, July 20, 2010

James Rinalducci In The Square

I just happened to be in one of Savannah's many beautiful squares this past Sunday night where this street musician, James Rinalducci, was doing his thing. Being a music lover I naturally went and found a bench near him, sat back and enjoyed the weather, the square, and his playing. Before long I decided to run back to my hotel room and grab my actual camera to see if I could get a decent available light portrait of him since he was such an interesting looking dude. Here is what I managed to pull off in the last few minutes of daylight that evening:

This is pretty much what I was hoping to get when I decided to make a portrait of him...

...and all the rest were just bonus shots.

James seemed like a pretty genuine guy. He seemed to really care about some of the homeless poeple that lived there in the city and actually put away his tip box when they started feeding them in the square that evening. He told me he just liked to play his horn for them at that point and not make it about money. What a way to be don't you think? We need more people in this world that think like that.

If you care to hear a little of what I heard from him Sunday night then you should check out his myspace music profile here. Also an interesting tid-bit of information -- he has only been playing for five years. Being a sax player myself, I can tell you that James plays very well for somebody that has played for such a short period. Getting a tone like that out of a horn can be kinda hard...

Thank you for letting me do the portraits of you James -- and for the excellent restaurant recommendation. Jill, Jennifer and I all loved Sakura. Excellent food!


Jennifer Bowen said...


Awesome photos! The last picture of him is my favorite! You really captured his personality in that one! :)


Keith Taylor Photography said...

THanks Jennifer!

George said...

Hey Keith, Thank you for taking an interest in me and wanting to do the portrait. Again, it was nice meeting you and talking to you, hope we can do more of that. Jennifer is right, these are awesome photos. And I am glad you enjoyed the restaurant.

Keith Taylor Photography said...

You're welcome James. I might be down that way again in the fall for a shoot -- if so I will let you know and maybe we can come listen to you play. I'll bring you a print from the shoot too.