Wednesday, April 21, 2010

My work featured on

A few shots from my growing collection of Aikido photos were recently featured on CNN.Com in a article written by Penny Bernath Sensei of Florida Aikikai. The photos were made at Peachtree Aikikai here in Atlanta while she and the other top ranked female practioner of Aikido in America was teaching a seminar there. The article can be found here. And here are the photos that were used in the article seen a little larger:

Penny Bernath Sensei (Nage) throwing Jeff Lindsay (Uke)

Penny Bernath (nage) throwing Matt Forrester (Uke)

Penny Bernath Sensei looking on as Kathryn Krupp (Nage) puts a joint lock on Blue Spruell (Uke in this case and the chief instructor at Peachtree Aikikai):

Penny Bernath Sensei -6th Dan, United States Aikido Federation

If you are interested learning more about Penny Bernath Sensei and Aikido then watch this:

If you are here in the Atlanta area and would like to learn even more about Aikido then contact one of the instructors at Peachtree Aikikai. Live in the Fort Lauderdale area? Well, give the instructors at Florida Aikikai a call -- both are excellent dojos. If you live elsewhere in America then check for other USAF dojos that might be near you here.

And on a related note -- here is one of many really cool shots I did for Peachtree Aikikai that is actually lit and staged for advertising purposes. I have yet to get them all processed and up for people to see but will be doing a blog post and adding it to my portfolio etc. in the near future. This is Jeff Silverman (Nage) throwing Matt Forrester (Uke)



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