Monday, May 11, 2009

The right place at the right time -- and the right people.

So a week or so ago I ended up going out and shooting for fun one afternoon even though I had work I was needing to get done on the computer. I thought about it and weighed my options. The way I saw it - the work could wait until it was dark out - the beautiful day would not. Smart decision I think now looking back. I ended up shooting in a awesome location with beautiful natural lighting. On top of this I had the company of two other great photographers that were shooting too - and of course two easy going and good looking models. It would be hard to make bad shots in those conditions I think. Anyway here are some of my favorites from the shoot.

Love the deep red color of this painted wall that was in the place - and the awesome window light I was getting.

Can't decide if I like this one more because he is wearing a white shirt or not. The white shirt adds to the high key look of the shot and allows his face to stick out more but a darker shirt may have worked better to kinda warm up the shot. I like it as it is either way though. I guess if I really wanted to I could change the color of it in Photoshop? I think I'll leave it alone.

Women in guys shirts or kinda hot - especially when it appears that there is nothing under that shirt - like this:

This one is just fun - you pretty much just have to smile when you look at it.

And more of the red wall.

I think this one should be captioned "lets get a room". Love how their bodies kinda form the shape of a heart.

And this one really kinda stands out to me - can't put my finger on why though. Looks like something you would see plastered all over the walls of a Abercrombie and Fitch store. Matter of fact the "lets get a room shot" seen above does too.

This one stands out too. She looks great - totally at ease. And the lines in it - well I was taught years ago by Mr. Gene Shearl that triangles in photos are good. Managed to get five in this one - which makes for a very angular shot. Keeps the eye flowing through the shot while allowing her eyes to still be the center of focus.

And this one is my absolute favorite out of everything I got that day. The composition, the light, the tones, her expression and body language all come across as being very tranquil. I could have walked away with only getting this one shot that day and been totally happy - I just love it.

So if you care to see some more of my favorites from that day you can check them out here.

Trent, Chad, Steven, and Misha - THANK YOU - I enjoyed it.


Don said...

Nice work, man. I like hearing what you think about the work as well as looking at it. Sweeet.

Sean Porter said...

Nicely done mate. i agree that red looks fantastic! and good models help as well.

Had a look though the other pics how'd ya convince her to take her top off! haha

keep up the good work.