Tuesday, July 22, 2008

I Got Featured In Lighting Essentials Magazine!

A few days ago Phoenix based photographer and creator of a popular online magazine, Don Giannatti, contacted me about weather or not I would be interested in being featured in his very informative Lighting-Essentials Magazine.
I was surprised, honored, and flattered all at the same time but I gladly accepted his offer. It is a huge honor to me to be featured and actually interviewed for this. it is nice for somebody to notice and compliment you on your work, but to actually give you the opportunity to voice your thoughts about the industry through an interview is such an honor.

I hope what I had to share in the interview will be some good insight into the industry that may help out other photographers that are starting out as well. You can check out the interview here -- you should also take the time to check out the rest of the site while there as well. There is some great info on it. Comment back and let me know if you have any additional insight on what I have had to say or just share your thoughts in general if you like.

Don, thank you. It has been an honor and very flattering... I do appreciate you noticing me and bringing my work and viewpoint to the attention of others.

Cheers To You Don.


http://hav8.blog124.fc2.com said...

Very good......

shaikens said...

I just stumbled across your blog by coincidence. Your photos are GREAT! I will check out the lighting essentials feature, and I'm sure it was really cool to be interviewed for it. Who knows, maybe I will start yet ANOTHER addictive hobby! Oh, and I rep the HOTLANTA as well!

Will add you to my "noteables" post today.

Take care!

John said...

'Bout friggin time people start acknowledging what we all already knew. Congats man.