Monday, October 1, 2007

I Got Featured On Strobist

Earlier today, I noticed my Flickr account was getting blasted with comments. After doing some peeking, I realized I had been featured on a very popular photography blog called Strobist , which has a cult-like following. It is run by a well-known photojournalist named David Hobby and is one of my daily must-reads for keeping my lighting skills up to par and for continuous inspiration from the talented photographers featured there.

Several months ago, David Hobby quit his full-time gig as a photojournalist to devote more time to his family and to teaching his immense lighting knowledge to the masses through the Strobist blog. He is a master at using small shoe-mount strobes and has a less-is-more philosophy when it comes to equipment. He has a way of teaching people to use minimal equipment to get good lighting results – even with homemade equipment. The only revenues he receives are from advertisers on the blog and a donations section. I have huge respect for him for taking the risk to quit his job to be with his family, and to share his knowledge for free, full-time. Check out and the Strobist Flickr Group… there is much to be learned from both.

David, thanks so much for noticing my work and writing the feature – it’s a great honor!

The feature on my work can be found here.

The Strobist Flicker group can be found here.

The photos featured look like this:

Both of these were created with the Strobist mind set. There was no electricity in the building I shot them in, and the nearest outlet was a few hundred feet away. Rather than running 300 hundred feet or so of extension cord and getting it covered with soot in the process... well I decided that a couple of Vivitar 283's would get the job done. Needless to say, I was pleased with the end result. This particular shoot was the last of 30 something photoshoots (see more here ) I did in order to represent multiple programs offered at Gwinnett Technical College. What a way to end it all... so nice when images just fall into place as these two did.

Learn to light at Strobist y'all, and support the cause by throwing David a donation while your at it.

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